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Faroer – kerstcadeaus op kerstzegels 2009


christmas-stamps-faroer-1Een mooi velletje met kerstzegels hebben ze in Faeroer. En bij het velletje hoort een liedje waarin allerlei kerstcadeaus naar voren komen. De postzegels zijn o.a. aan deze cadeaus gewijd. Het idee vind ik heel leuk, maar de uitvoering vind ik wat zelf wat saai. Nieuwsgierig hoe het hele liedje gaat?

I am Father Christmas

I am Father Christmas,
my beard is thick and grey.
My cotton coat and pants are black,
I dwell in the hill of elves.

Christmas is drawing near,
I prefer to stay right here,
now is the time for play and joy,
because Christmas is drawing near.

When we reach the Advent month,
and Christmas is drawing near,
I only think of Christmas gifts
for Faroese girls and boys.

I know they’re looking forward to it,
in villages and towns,
there are a lot of presents,
because nobody wants the same.

That’s why I start early
to collect the toys,
beautiful to watch,
gladdens childrens hearts.


Here are dolls and dolls’ houses,
horses, cars and boats,
a beautiful little airplane
and lots of tin soldiers.

There are ducks and geese and fowls,
sheep and lam and cattle,

which sings when it whirls.

Here are all kind of animals,
birds and tiny fish,
the cutest little puppy
and a little kitten.

Here are the fairest silk ribbons,
yellow, red and blue,
brooches, pins and rings,
and lots of tiny watches.

There are flutes and instruments,
they all sound very good;
but nothing beats the beauty
of the crying doll.

Everything a child could wish for,
no doubt – I have it all.
Now just bring on Christmas,
my bag is stuffed and full.

Lyrics: Marius Johannesen
Tune: H. J. Højgaard

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